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Mark 1 provides an efficient, secure and accessible alternative to outdated paper-based business management systems.

Our easy to use, cost-effective Titan system has provided the platform for UK and international organisations to achieve ISO and other globally-recognised standards.

Quality Standard

What is ISO 9001?

This ISO accreditation is the most widely-recognised quality management standard across the globe. It applies to all types of organisations and enables you to manage your processes effectively and continually improve the way you operate.

ISO 9001 certification shows an organisation’s commitment to providing a product or service that consistently meets its customers’ requirements.

What are the benefits of ISO9001?

ISO 9001 can ultimately lead to improved productivity and profitability by helping organisations of all types and sizes to enhance customer satisfaction, increase employee effectiveness and establish the means to implement a long-term strategy.

Ten reasons to achieve ISO9001

  1. Ensure a more consistent way of working
  2. Secure more revenue and busines
  3. Increase customer satisfaction
  4. Document, share and effectively communicate your organisational processes
  5. Improve the quality of products and service
  6. Boost employee morale through a positive and professional culture
  7. Meet customers’ requirements
  8. Enhance efficiency, save money and reduce waste
  9. Ensure management and employees are focused on quality
  10. Achieve global quality recognition

At Mark 1, we believe in only offering the best and we exclusively deal with UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services) certified bodies, such as BSI and LRQA. We have strong links with many of the top accreditation bodies (ACP scheme) and our consistently professional approach has resulted in 100% success rate for accreditation on the first attempt.

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Environmental Standard

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the International Environmental Management Standard (EMS) and is the most widely-recognised accreditation of its kind. It demonstrates an organisation’s dedication to controlling the environmental impact of its activities.

ISO 14001 actively controls the way organisations understand and manage their ‘footprint’, to ensure sustainability, prevent pollution and protect the environment.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 provides a systematic means of understanding and controlling the impact your organisation has on the environment. Cost savings can be made through improved efficiency and productivity, helping to reduce bills and enhance environmental sustainability.

This is achieved by detecting ways to minimise waste and appropriately dispose of it, and by learning how to use energy more efficiently. It ensures you are compliant with environmental legislation and also makes insurance cover more accessible.

Our system provides the means to:

  • Carry out comprehensive audits
  • Make complaints
  • Facilitate document control
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Create clearly defined, measurable objectives
  • Identify the need for on-going training
  • Handle waste effectively
  • Save money
  • Reduce the risk of legal prosecution

Committed to supporting you in maintaining and upholding exacting standards in environmental management, we work with you to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and continually review the way you operate.

For more information on how we can support you to achieve ISO 14001, or to request a free trial of our products and services, contact 0161 359 4329 /

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Health & Safety Standard

What is OHSAS 18001?

OHSAS 18001 has emerged as the most internationally-recognised standard for health & safety management systems. The certification demonstrates that an organisation is committed to managing its health & safety risks and preventing potential work-related accidents.

What are the benefits of OHSAS 18001?

OHSAS 18001 can assist any size or type of organisation to protect the health & safety of its employees, ensure compliance with legislation and ensure it maintains a reputation as a responsible employer.

As a means of demonstrating best practice, OHSAS 18001 can open up opportunities to do business with organisations that recognise the value of sound health & safety management. It can also reduce insurance premiums and diminish the cost of employee absence.

Our system provides the means to:

  • Carry out comprehensive audits
  • Implement action plans
  • Manage complaints
  • Facilitate document control
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Reduce the risk of prosecution
  • Monitor assets such as lifting equipment
  • Create clearly defined, measurable objectives
  • Document inductions
  • Identify the need for on-going training

For more information on how we can support you to achieve OHSAS 18001, or to request a free trial of our products and services, contact 0161 359 4329 /

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A flexible approach

Our team of experienced consultants are on hand to help streamline your organisational processes. With a tailored approach to meet your requirements, we can work with you to carry out thorough internal audits and management reviews or simply refine your documented procedures.

Empowering your team

You may like the sound of the services we offer and the benefits they provide, but have an internal member (or members) of your team who you would like to be responsible for implementing changes. If this is the case, we can assist them with training and ensure they are empowered to implement our systems on your behalf.

For more information on our consultancy service and how it can benefit your organisation please contact 0161 359 4329 /

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In safe hands...

“I am delighted to have just completed our SGS audit to upgrade to the latest ISO9001:2015 Standard, which has been a breeze. Mark and the team at Mark 1 Business Systems continue to rubber-stamp our processes, procedures and policies to ensure that our daily operations are entirely reflective of the quality that this standard requires. The Titan Quality Management System is a seriously impressive tool that combines every aspect of quality management within our organisation.

Since partnering with Mark 1 Business Systems to manage our QMS, we are proud that our ISO9001 accreditation is reflective of our operating culture, rather than a standard that we strive to achieve.


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